Friday, November 21, 2008

Update: Type Z Beats Michael Kors' Bootie

I got my Type Z I Can Booties today (see below). I didn't pay for overnight shipping, but Zappos came through anyway. These are some HAWT boots and quite high. I put my K-Swiss (yes, the tennis shoe) insoles in there, and that made them actually comfortable for such a tall heel. The soles are leather, so they feel sturdy and not slippery. They're very well made for the crazy cheap price. Most importantly, it passed the high heels test (I'm not a stiletto every day kinda gal), so I'm going to wear them to my company Christmas party tonight. Of course the rest of the outfit will be black skinny pants and pretty black blouse; lest I look "stripperish" to some of my more conservative co-workers.
First these $179 MICHAEL Michael Kors Lattington Booties were the obsession. I just bookmarked it and checked periodically if they went on sale. No luck yet, and I just wound up getting that anxiety of my size running out. Then these just happened along...
For $89, the Type Z - I Can Bootie are much more irresistible and impossible to beat price-wise. Forget waiting for a sale. Come to Mama.

The rounder toe and seaming on the top are way more bootie cool. Now I have the new anxiety of whether I should go with the smooth black or the black suede. I have lost my mind this Sunday. That is what hot boots will do to ya every single time.


Posh seen at LAX with similar style. Christian Louboutins, of course.

I can dig the way Zeta and Hayden are wearing them. Although, I do prefer a less pointy toe than what Zeta is wearing.

photos: instyle

I don't know what she was thinking when she hit the accessory closet. But I dig Rihanna's boots, just not the rest of the Madonna-esque ensemble.

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