Thursday, November 20, 2008

Faryl Robin "Lucky" Boots

You remember this gal, Cat Deeley. She is the host for So You Think You Can Dance. I like her off-time style. I saw her boots and then saw what I believe to be the ones she's wearing. I can't help it. It's like you get bitten by a purple flying people eater, and then all of a sudden you see purple flying people eaters everywhere.

This is the Faryl Robin "Lucky" Boot. She certainly doesn't coddle her expensive shoes like I do. But then again at $299, you'd want to get every penny out of these casual kickers too.

There's something about here that reminds me of Sienna Miller. I think it's the dirty blonde beach hair, skinny bod for cool clothes and artsy fartsy boyfriends.

Steve Madden Women's Buck Calf Length Buckle BootGee Wawa Women's Sunrise 3 Buckle BootRocket Dog Women's Chain Gang Rugged Boot
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