Friday, May 1, 2009

Bethenny Frankel in CapelliNewYork - Ombre Buckle Rain Boot

"Nancy O'Dell, Tikki Barber & I relaxing in a NBC Production trailer" (via Bethenny Frankel's Twitter page)

I have a knack for finding things online when I really want it. Bethenny Frankel from The Housewives of New York twittered the above pic today, and I as well as many others ladies, wanted to know who made her rain boots. Here ya go, gals.

They're the CapelliNewYork - Ombre Buckle boot found at At the practical price of $38.90 (love how you keep it real, Bethenny), I don't expect these puppies to last very long. If you use the coupon code: thanks, you'll even get a nice 10% discount.