Sunday, January 25, 2009

MBTs vs. Uggs

So my friend got plantar fasciitis and had to start wearing MBT shoes. She raved about them, and I was mostly intrigued about the shoe that claims to tone your legs, tushy and posture -- all of which I need assistance with.

The MBT - Tambo Boot (Chocolate Split Leather) is actually cute, and not any less bulky than a pair of Uggs. Let's face it. Uggs are warm, fluffy and quite overworn if you've ever been to a mall lately, but they lack total arch support for any extended period of time.

The MBT - Boost (Rose Mesh/Synthetic Leather) is sporty and pink! Some may say they resemble orthopedic shoes, but to me they're just like any other platform shoe out there, just with a rounded bottom. At least these are healthy for you. I am starting to rethink my entire way of shoe buying now, which is scary because MBTs come at a hefty price.

See the short youtube video on how it works. Enjoy the music.: