Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Update: Little Miss Lindsay Lohan Riding Boots

I hate to succumb to shallow aesthetics, but Lindsay Lohan looks better slimmer. Here she is shopping in Beverly Hills recently -- wish I could say the same. I love her riding boots, which are big this winter. See that expensive sheen that I mentioned all bucko bucks boots have? If I see who makes them, I'll post that or something similar. If you know who makes 'em, shoot me a comment. I've been iffy on how she dresses, but she's coming into her own with her outfit choices. She's starting to achieve that not-trying-too-hard-chic that Kate Moss and Sienna Miller have down pat. Lindsay is all growns up. Click on the pic to get a better look at her boots and of her supposed cell wallpaper of her and her former BFF now girlfriend Samantha Ronson.

I went shopping the other day and found these. The INC International Concepts "Brook" Riding Boot looks just like Lindsay's, only without that flappy thing on the side that I want to lop off anyway. Read about the INC leather motorcycle jacket that I just got on that shopping trip here.

Couple more for good riding boot measure:

The Charlie One Horse by Lucchese

Women's shoes: Sam Edelman Kailee - Black patent
If you must insist on the flappy thing. The Sam Edelman Kailee - Black patent has it.